The VMG School

What fun is it to not be able to share the info? We offer hands-on training to get your digital marketing knowledge up to date. We have a growing library of eBooks, training videos, How-to Guides, Worksheets, and Quizzes explaining the most fundamental aspects of digital marketing today, and we don't withhold information. It's key to understanding every little detail so that you can be a successful marketer as well. Check out our library and use it to train yourself or your staff. By the way, for those that want to excel their digital marketing knowledge or career even further, subscribe to our newsletter so we can notify you when we launch our member's only library.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

There are approximately 2.5 billion and 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook and Instagram respectively. Those are a lot of potential clients for your business. With our expertise in Facebook and Instagram advertising, you can get in front of the eyes that matter for the benefit of your business. Whether you have an event you're planning or want to generate more business leads, we have knowledgeable experience to make it a success.

Campaign Optimization

You put $1 in ads and profit how much in return? That's the burning question we ask many business owners that run marketing campaigns but don't measure all of their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our success with marketing campaigns are from knowing which KPIs to log, measure and optimize. Each customer journey is different. Our clients know exactly what to expect when they invest more (or less) in their marketing campaigns and are able to make educated predictions based on the data and advice we provide to them.

Strategy Consultation

When you take the phrase "break a leg" to literal, where do you go? The doctor. When you have a toothache, who do you speak to? The dentist. When you have to go to court, who do you consult? A lawyer. The point we're making is that you go to an expert or a professional to take care of you because you trust that they know what they're doing. This is the same principle reason why business owners go to marketing agencies like VMG. We know what we're doing. If you don't know where to begin or want another person to review your marketing strategy, contact us today.

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